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IMG_20151201_185221453Bosque Running Shop is proud to carry lines of products we firmly believe will aid in the training for runners and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Come in and have one of our experts walk you through our unique fit process.  We will be sure to get you in the right shoe for your foot!

Technical Apparel

Dri-Fit; Hydra-Max; Clima-lite; Dry-Science. Flash-Dry. Cool Max

apparel (5)These are just some of the terms you’ll see hanging on garment tags at Bosque Running Shop. Knowing the meaning of these terms is not as important as our promise that our apparel selection will do whatever you need it to do! We have items that will wick moisture, retain body heat, keep you cool, protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, all while providing the necessary support and fit just the way you want it. The only thing as good as the performance benefits of our apparel is the way it represents the latest styles and colors, making it just as suitable for a hard-core work out as it is for a casual day out and about.

Technical apparel wicks away moisture and keeps you cool in hot weather and dry in cold weather.



socks (3) Technical running socks are  meant to complement your running and walking shoes with superior fit and moisture management. Non-performance socks do little more than separate your foot from your shoe. We only offer technical, comfortable, and durable pieces that excel at wicking moisture and keeping feet dry, cool and free from blisters. Our chosen manufacturers use only scientifically proven blends of yarns and fabrics, while incorporating knitting technologies that are precise, yet efficient. Such a winning combination makes socks one of the least expensive, but most essential, considerations for any runner or walker.


Sports Bras


CAM001945Proper fit will provide you with the freedom to move and exercise with comfort and confidence. We start our bra fit process with questions about your activities and style preferences. Next, we take careful measurements and translate them into the correct size sports bra. Throughout the process we will offer tips and advice to help you reach your goals. Here are few things to pay attention to: Comfort, Support, Moisture Control and Breathability. We carry a full range of sized 32-42 band size and A-DD cup sizes.

Nutrition & Hydration


nutrition (3)


For endurance athletes or anyone needing energy on-the-go, we carry a buffet of single pack energy gels flavors by Honey Stinger, Hammer Nutrition and PowerGel, as well as Sport Beans by Jelly Belly.


No need to get dehydrated in the summer by using water alone. We carry electrolyte replacement from PowerBar and Gatorade Endurance. Plus recovery drinks from PowerBar.



We carry a variety of accessories to make your workout experience more enjoyable.

  • Hats and visors
  • Calf sleeve and compression socks to help prevent calf injuries and promote recovery
  • Blister and chaffing prevention
  • Amphipod Hydration and run accessories
  • Cho-Pat Straps
  • Zensah compression sleeves and socks
  • & much more


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