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Race Partnership Program

An important part of Bosque Running Shop mission is to encourage members of our community to make running and walking a regular part of their lifestyle. Weekend races and running/walking events provide a fun and exciting way to make that happen. As a race director, you are faced with many responsibilities and challenges. We can help alleviate some of that stress with the Bosque Running Shop Race Partnership Program. While we do not offer monetary sponsorship, our race partnership program offer in-kind sponsorship.

As our partner, Bosque Running Shop focuses on two specific goals:

  • Provide promotional support to maximize event participation.
  • Provide budget relief to maximize fundraising efficiency.



  • Race entry forms prominently displayed at the store.
  • Our weekly e-newsletter will feature a highlight of your race when we start and end in store registration. Your race will also be included on the in-store registration list each week during the registration period.
  • Multiple mentions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Race flyers at our table/ booth at event around town (when appropriate).


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